Entering the evolution phase of mobile + product leaks – fearless leader = less exciting talks

Some are disappointed in the iPhone 5 announcements today. There were no surprises. No “one more thing” of the Tim Cook era. This isn’t to say that solid progress wasn’t made, but it shows what a different time we are in. There are the calls of “see! Steve isn’t there any more! Apple is doomed!” […]

Was the strategy wrong, or the execution? Web vs. Native at Facebook

Folks love black and white. It is so much easier to make choices that way, and it is interesting to see people jump onto “see the Web sucks!” after Mark Zuckerberg’s interview yesterday. Although everyone has jumped on the HTML5 comment (being the biggest mistake the company has made), there were a few other interesting […]

We’re in this together vs. You’re on your own

I really enjoyed Bill Clinton’s speech. It is refreshing to have some content and policy in a speech isn’t it? A Republican friend said something that I found very interesting. He thought that Democrats are hypocritical when they talk about how people vote against their own interest when they vote Republican. Why would a poor […]