Why are the polls showing 0% black support for Romney?

Herman Cain explained the conundrum on the Daily Show today. The reason is obvious when you think of it. The pollsters called Black people, and the only ones who picked up the phone were unemployed wellfarians. Duh, of course they all want Obama to keep making their lives so amazing! If they had gotten ahold […]

More about the notion of “free”; We actually all pay the price

“If you aren’t paying for it; you’re the product” is not a modern notion, yet we keep repeating history. It feels a little ironic to write a post on this notion on a service that comes from folks so closely linked to Twitter, and also on a “share crop” URL vs. my own blog. It […]

Would you have paid $10 for decent Olympics coverage?

The NBC coverage of the Olympics was awful, as has been widely discussed. The content was delayed, so you ended up knowing half of the results before you got to watch the event. You had the pleasure of hearing sob stories about someone winning their first gold medal before seeing them win it. If an […]