Would you have paid $10 for decent Olympics coverage?

The NBC coverage of the Olympics was awful, as has been widely discussed.

The content was delayed, so you ended up knowing half of the results before you got to watch the event. You had the pleasure of hearing sob stories about someone winning their first gold medal before seeing them win it. If an American isn’t in an event, good luck seeing it (other than on the online streams which were buggy as all hell).

It all started so poorly too. All excited to watch the opening ceremony I had to wait until night, and then the ceremony was split up not only by commercials, but with an interview of Phelps. SHOW ME THE CEREMONY PLEASE.

Contrast this to the BBC coverage which has been heralded. How much did it cost the “tax payer”?

People saying BBC #Olympics only cost £5.60 each = 2wks licence. It was surely less: BBC2, BBC4, Radios 1-4, local radio etc all still on…

Would you pay a fiver for BBC level coverage? F* yeah.