Progressive Rendering: A killer (and under appreciated?) feature of the Web

I am flying home from a fantastic trip to London and India, where I had the pleasure of meeting with some fantastic engineers who are pushing hard to deliver great experiences to their users and their business. There is nothing like getting a fresh perspective than when you spend time with different cultures, and this […]

The Web has Evolved for Mobile

The Web is an evolving platform, and it has been consuming the abilities of mobile, which is letting it get to the next stage. When you look at various species, you see generalists and specialists. Human’s are the ultimate generalists, the swiss army knives of animals who don’t have the sharpest teeth, yet can adapt […]

Don’t space walk without a tether, get a worker

I sit here on Oscar night, wearing my “science the shit out of this” Martian t-shirt, reflecting on how often we enjoy a tense moment in a space movie where we hope that an actor doesn’t get shifted off into space. You can’t help but gasp a little for air as you think about the […]