Going to a conference? Don’t waste your time

If I could go back in time I would have ample opportunity to fix some mistakes (but I would be scared to do so, else who knows what butterfly side effects there would be!) One general change I would make is how I spend time before, during, and after a conference that I went to. […]

Maybe we should teach cooking before coding?

There is a strong push to get computer science into schools. We need engineers, stat. Computing is a growing industry and we expect it to continue to grow. Doesn’t it make sense to get kids into coding as soon as possible? I love the vision, and I have been teaching computing in various forms to […]

Pair Programming? Pair Teaching!

With a circle, the kids run around and around! The summer is coming to an end, with the kids heading back to school this week. It is at this time that I tend to ponder areas of improvement in the system. I feel particularly fortunate. The pre-school that my kids go through allows you to spend […]