DuoLingo: a (better than!) text book approach to practical spaced repetition

I am a big believer in spaced repetition as a scientifically proven method to help you learn both effectively and efficiently. There are several implementations, and one of the most basic and famous ones is the Leitner system, which is a great way to explain the point. Rather than going through a series of flash […]

A Users Hierarchy of Digital Needs

There is some great discussion in the community about the importance of User Experience compared to Developer Experience. Nolan Lawson added a fun analogy to the mix with his piece on composers and audiences, reiterating the fact that users don’t benefit directly from our naval gazing. Of course, the story isn’t “UX vs. DX!”. It […]

Wife Swap? Role Swap!

In the world of management your job is partially to build the team that builds the things. As an engineering manager, I sometimes find myself thinking: “Man, dealing with computers…. so nice. So rational.” People are complex and predictably irrational. Fortunately, I actually like people and find the challenge of helping teams a rewarding one, […]