Ecosystem Engineering

“An ecosystem engineer is any organism that creates, significantly modifies, maintains or destroys a habitat” — Wikipedia When you are working on platforms, you have the needs of the producers, consumers, and the market itself. As the market, or platform owner, your job is to make sure that the ecosystem as a whole is healthy. One […]

Google I/O 2017: Invented w/ Others

Watch live! I am so excited the time has come for Google I/O to kick off for the second year in our backyard, with thousands of developers coming to join hundreds of Google engineers as we geek out on tech in a festival atmosphere. I have already been at several pre-events, and what blows me […]

Flexibility brought to you by P, W, and A!

As I reflect on 2016, one of the highlights was working with companies who were reinvesting in the Web. I got to hear a lot of stories about their business and their technology stacks as they wrestled through how to get from here to there. It is one thing to understand that there are exciting […]