It’s time the Web did some Undergrounding

I live in a simple neighborhood in Palo Alto, California. My street is fortunate to have some nice old trees. We have small houses that the wealthy are slowly purchasing, tearing down, and then filling up the entire lot with house. From most vantage points it looks quaint, but then you get the wrong angle, […]

Mission: Improve the Web Ecosystem for Developers

Once the dust settled on Google I/O 2018, it was time for me to find a new adventure. I wanted to share where I ended up because I am quite excited about it! A few teams within Google have joined forces inside Chrome to focus on improving the Web ecosystem, focused on those who build […]

Google: The Iron Man we strive to be

In a recent meeting we were playing with the question: “If Google was a super hero, what would we be?” The first thing that came to mind was Iron Man. You know, the innovative engineer who uses his technical ability to become super human. In the developer group our mission is to make sure that Tony […]