A great UX addition to the Twitter app #TheSmallStuff

I have wanted this feature for some time, even if I haven’t articulated it.

Whenever I get ready to tap on a Tweet URL in the default Twitter app I shudder for a microsecond. I know that the UIWebView is going to be slow to load. Part of me knows that I want to read the content, even when I am not done comprehending the Tweet.

I am in a catch-22 though as I know that if I tap the Tweet URL I will be blanked out (technical term) and will be waiting.

That was until the recent release that added the small feature that fixed the problem. Now when you tap, the tweet comes with you.

I no longer have the fear of tapping as I know that I can keep reading the Tweet while the full content loads.

A tiny feature, with a big win.

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