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Enterprise + Mobile App + Web Platform = ?

The Web platform has been huge for the entire planet, but I think that it has been incredibly empowering for the Enterprise. I think that some of the reasons for this are:

– The Web has a great learning curve, so IT departments can get up and running (quicker than some other technology)

– The power of the URL allows the decentralized world enables groups to do their thing, as well as unification through ugly portals 😉

– Securing data access is important, and Web access with the many tools out there can enable a lot of fantastic access control.

Fast forward to 2013, the era of mobile. Folks can put together mobile UIs (responsive or not), but the gap between the Enterprise and the Consumer is growing (feels like the wealth gap!) and the users who come with their BYOD expect mobile applications that make their live easier.

Ben and I have always enjoyed going for an ice cream with Abe Elias (since the old Ajaxian/YUI-Ext days!). We end up talking about all sorts of things, from tech to beyond… and the last time we had a chat Abe showed us an early prototype of Space.

I was excited to see what an “Enterprise Browser” (or integrated app launcher) could do. What would it look like to marry the flexibility of the Web with the centralization needs of the Enterprise and the find-ability of the app store model.

When you look at many of the current approaches (e.g. VPN tunneling ALL traffic and mixing the worlds) they seem bolt on and archaic.

I think that Sencha Space has the opportunity to show a new way that gets the abstractions right for the Enterprise and the end users.

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