Apple, I don’t freaking remember if this is an existing contact, work it out for me!

iOS UX and user choices

Maybe this just happens to me, but 80% of the time (measured of course!) when I am adding a piece of information to my Contacts is actually a piece of contact rather than a new contact.

My problem on iOS is that I instantly get asked a question that I don’t know the answer of:

Darn it, I don’t remember if I have this person as a contact already :/

Especially in a world of connected Contacts (e.g. if you sync with Facebook) there is a real chance that although the phone number from the conversation in the image above isn’t connected to my Contacts, the person is.

At this point I am stuck between:

“I bet that I have this person already!”

In this case I select “Add to Existing Contact” and hunt for the person. If I don’t have them, then I go back and start again by creating the contact.

“I don’t think that I have this person already!”

Now you are lead to select “Create New Contact” and when you go through the process you are dreading the Evil Duplicate Contact situation, where you get lazy and choose to “link” contacts rather than doing a nice merge (a subject for another day!)

I am surprised that iOS doesn’t at least say “hey, you just created a new contact called ‘Frank Beavis’ and you already have a contact with that, shall we merge the info bud?”

The small things.

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