How a mensch can make you believe again

While the first reaction of Lucasfilm being sold to Disney may have been “nooooooooooo!” from some fans who worry about where the Mouse will take it, it brought me a great smile.

The smile wasn’t just thinking about the opportunity that I will have to take my kids to see Star Wars VII.

It was about the amazingly generous act of George Lucas when I saw that he will be funneling so much of the money to charity, and specifically to education.

It gave me hope. Hope that capitalism can actually come to real good…. at a time where the election gives me such pause and frustration.

I am thinking about all of the kids that have paid money to that franchise over the years. From movies to merchandize and beyond. So often we cynically picture Scrooge McDuck milking the kids and parents and cackling. Not only has the franchise created many jobs and careers, it has delivered much passion. Sci-Fi gets poo-poo’d but you can’t argue that this fits into the “If we didn’t have art on this Earth, we would be left with all but Eh” view. How many spin offs have happened thanks to all that were originally touched.

And now, the fly wheel keeps going. All of the potential energy that was kept in Lucasfilm will be unleashed on the field of education. Where we need it so badly. The kids that loved Star Wars will be adults that make a massive difference.

George has gone from being a film master, and has become an all around legend. He has elevated himself above the realm of Disney, and we can’t thank him enough for giving back.

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