Karma, and changing the social contract of gifting

I am very excited about new gifting experiences such as Karma, and how it will change how we gift.

Do you enjoy getting gifts for people for set occasions? (e.g. your nieces birthday) If I have a great gift idea I am kiddy with joy. If I don’t have one though I am glum.

I have noticed a change in my behavior as of late. If I think of, or come across a great gift idea I buy it on the spot and pass it on. Why wait?

What I am more excited about though is changing the social dynamic. Say I come across a movie that I think my Dad would love. I um and ah about whether he has it or not. I don’t want to buy a dupe! Or, what if he doesn’t like it. We have enough clutter in our lives, I only want people to accept gifts that they will actually like a use. With a system such as Karma not only can I easily send something to someone via name (vs. knowing their address), I can let them decide if they want it or not, potentially customize it, and setup how they want to get it.

I want people to feel like they can easily say “no thanks”. This isn’t rude at all, but I know that human nature is currently set to say “thanks!”

Will Karma change this?

Oh, and for my birthday, if anything is wondering, I would like you to come over to my house and TAKE something away.

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