Making Good Choices

One of the areas of parenting that you often get into is making sure that you talk to your kids about the choices they make. It isn’t that they are bad,it is that they sometimes make bad choices.

When looking back on my post on People, Measurement, and Improvement I realized that the meta issue is making good choices.

If I can strive to make good choices every day then the rest can pretty much fall out of that. One of the important “good choices” is around hiring great people and keeping them well fed. Another is choosing which battles to fight (and which ones not too). There are choices being made all day long, in every aspect of your life (e.g. eating that piece of candy).

How do you know if you have made good choices? You have to measure and reflect. How else can you learn so when the next choice comes along… you use intuition and data and run from there.

Who knew that the constant “Sam,great choice on playing nice with your brother!” applies through-out your life.

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