Romney keeps making mistakes as he doesn’t know how he feels.

I always enjoy Dan Ariely’s research on human behaviour. I always learn a lot, and I find myself second guessing much of what I know. His latest book is all about lies and dishonesty.

One key issue with lying is that as soon as you lie, you now have to remember the lie. This means you can’t speak from your core beliefs and mistakes are made. I believe that Mitt Romney has said whatever he wants people to hear, and at this point doesn’t know up from down.

When the campaign makes a mistake, surely the quickly correct, right? Nope.

A normal campaign follows the practice of correcting or removing false claims. But Mitt Romney’s campaign isn’t just another campaign. It’s lies are not detracted. They aren’t going to let fact checkers get in their way (and thus FACTS).

Some fun ones:

The commercial showing Obama saying: “If we keep talking about the economy we are going to lose”

Of course they left out the fact that he was quoting someone! the actual quote is: “Senator McCain’s campaign said, and I quote ‘If we keep talking about the economy we are going to lose’

And Romney have the balls to say that this is OK!

The inspector general said that contracts were steared to friends and familyNot true, not corrected.

Obama quietly ended the work requirement, gutting welfare reform” nuts”.

This has gotten so bad that the campaign staff now has a sweeper role, where the y come along and take back his quotes after he says them.

Mitt Romney on Univision: “I have not met with Chris Coback” (the Papers Please guy from Arizona)

Campaign later says: “Romney has met with him, and he is a campaign advisor”

Romney on 60 minutes: “I am in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape, incest, and the health and life of the mother”

Campaign: Erm, nope… doesn’t support the health one.

Romney on Meet the Press: “I am not getting rid of healthcare reform, [I will keep some of it] e.g. to make sure that if you have pre existing conditions you are taken care of.”

Campaign: Erm, nope again. He doesn’t want a law that requires that. Same red line on Iran as Obama? Nope, he didn’t mean that too. Does the Obama campaign skirt the truth? Of course. But this isn’t in the same ballpark.

Some have said that politians trick themselves into thinking “I just need to win this game and then I will do what is right!” as a justification. I don’t think that Romney is evil, I just think he is wrong.

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