We’re in this together vs. You’re on your own

I really enjoyed Bill Clinton’s speech. It is refreshing to have some content and policy in a speech isn’t it?

A Republican friend said something that I found very interesting. He thought that Democrats are hypocritical when they talk about how people vote against their own interest when they vote Republican.

Why would a poor chap in the South vote for a few rich folk to get tax breaks? In America there is a feeling of “one day I will be that rich guy! That is the American Dream!” This is foolish indeed. We have plenty. We have enough to give you that dream today.

The hypocritical remark related to that fact that if you are a rich Democrat, you ALSO are voting against your interest. Surely you are crazy to not give yourself the tax hike!

This kind of thinking makes sense with a Republican mindset of “me”. If you have the mindset of “us”, then it isn’t voting against yourself at all. We are all connected, and together we can create much more growth for all.

Our planet is small, and we are certainly all in this together. Let’s make it count.

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